Our services…

Kleere offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to your business. We have successfully helped financial, manufacturing, medical, and timeshare business streamline their data process so that their data is more comprehensible, available, and easily and quickly accessible. In today’s data-rich world, businesses like yours are inundated with endless loads of data and information from every corner of the organization. Used strategically, however, this information can guide enterprise-wide decision making and boost overall performance.

At Kleere, we blend more than 25 years of experience and expertise into consulting, training, design, development, mentorship, and support services to help your organization make more intelligent business decisions through the use of technologies such as Crystal Reports / Server, Tableau, SQL Server Reporting Services, TimeShareWare, WordPress, .NET, and more.

Business Intelligence

Computers, tablets, and smartphones have completely replaced paper. Many organizations recognize that they are capturing valuable data with each customer interaction, but struggle with harnessing this data to meet their goals. Kleere takes an innovative approach of gathering information about your organizational needs and workflows to implement a solution that can reduce or eliminate tedious and redundant tasks. Our goal is to demystify the information you capture, and present it in a way that will help you to UNDERSTAND YOUR DATA.

We specialize in Tableau, SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Crystal Server, Business Objects Enterprise, API Integration, and custom SQL Development.

Whether you need to develop custom automated reports and dashboards, implementation of a self-service BI solution, linking disparate systems to provide an overall data view, classroom training on your reporting solution, or one-on-one BI coaching, Kleere has a solution for you.

Website and Web Application Development

Every company is looking to improve it’s stable of websites and web applications. Web technologies, applied properly, can lower call volumes, speed and automate communication, improve owner/member satisfaction, make business processes more efficient, and so much more. Kleere can help you achieve those results by working with you on custom web solutions targeted toward your goals and requirements. Our extensive experience in .NET and WordPress, as well as other web technologies, gives us the skills and tools necessary for whatever you can throw at us.

Timeshare Applications

Timeshare organizations looking to maximize your performance and profitability look no further! You can rely on Kleere’s experience and knowledge in the industry to make best use of the tools and applications that do just that. Take advantage of our extensive expertise with TimeShareWare (TSW), one of the industry’s leading timeshare technology companies. We’ll work with you to build the¬†custom solution you need to communicate with your TSW implementation and take your owner/member support to the next level.